Meet our new collection, Wander. We designed this collection with bold colours, redefined styles and our coveted Canadian summer in mind. Available now online and at The Space.

The Arlo Top features a perfect plunge top with thin straps that taper to flatter your shoulders. With the most comfortable fit- no tugging at the neck, this top is sexy and functional. The back straps taper into the mid line to accentuate the natural curve of the back. The Arlo Top features seamless fabric that is double lined to show the natural you.

The Micah Bottom is our take on a 90’s stlye brought to 2019. The style features seamless fabric, thin side straps that are worn just above the hip bones to elongate the leg. Cheeky bum coverage to flatter that peach shaped behind and the ultimate worry free design.

The Stella Top is unapologetically feminine and always comfortable. A fresh stance on the original string bikini top, the new design eliminates the neck tie, opting for adjustable shoulder straps. The over-the-shoulder straps help to reduce tension on the neck while creating a bralette style cut that works well under tops. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the tie around the back allows you to wear the straps in a V or in a perfect square. Minimal tan lines. Cups come with removable padding.

The Briar Bottom is meant for all shapes and sizes as it is a side tie bottom that can be worn to your liking. The strings are attached to a small round circle hook that attaches to the bottom itself so there is no tugging or pulling to create that bunching look that no one like. This “stay-in-place” bikini bottom will flatter every shape.



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