Firstly, you’ll be a representative and public face for our brand and products.This means that you’ll have an obligation to represent our values as a company.

We are super passionate, positive, ambitious, supportive, and believe in high quality products. We need our Brand Ambassadors to be of similar characters!


What is my role as an ambassador?

The role of an ambassador comes with the mission to increase awareness of Norris Swimwear and promoting our products. In which manner you chose to do this is completely up to you! But we recommend using your social media platforms and reach out to your followers. Another, more personal, way to fulfill the role of an ambassador is the good old way of mouth to mouth. Tell your friends, family or even perhaps colleagues or class mates about our wonderful products and our work to make the world a better place! For additional promotional opportunities for both Norris and our ambassadors try engaging with other Norris Girls that shares the same passion about Norris Swimwear!


  • Be the first to be informed about our latest collections and promotions.
  • Join the team and get the opportunity to model our latest collections.
  • Get your own personal discount.
  • Get a shareable discount for your followers, friends and family
  • Earn Free bikinis when your discount code is used.
  • Earn experience in social media promotion, brand ambassadorship and modern marketing.


How do I become a Norris Swimwear Brand Ambassador?

Contact us & include the following in your message:

  • First name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Username and/or name of relevant possible promotional platforms (Instagram, YouTube, conferences etc.)
You can reach us by emailing us at